Food Insurance Program

Our experienced professionals at Wright Specialty have been managing food service insurance programs since 1995…the Wright way. The Wright Food Insurance Program offers:

• Competitive pricing and an easy quoting process
• Broad coverage
• Proven food service loss containment strategies
• Efficient claims handling
• Long term, stable solutions

Brokers and agents with experience and knowledge in the food service industry are encouraged to join our distribution team by filling out our Broker/Agent questionnaire.

Who We Insure

Our Wright Food Insurance Program offers coverages and services designed for grocery stores and wholesale/distributing operations anywhere in the U.S. Specifically, we insure:

• Retail Grocery Stores (ranging from national supermarket chains and co-ops, and regional grocery stores with multiple locations, to independent, single location retailers) Store operations may include liquor sales (if less than 10% of total sales), pharmacies and storefront bakeries. Limited 24 Hour.
• Wholesale/Distribution 
• Ineligible insureds include: convenience stores, feed/grain stores, food processing and importing operations.