Education Insurance Services

Specialized Loss Prevention and Risk Management

With many years of experience insuring school risks, Wright Specialty Insurance provides valuable guidance for school administrators to help reduce injuries to students, staff and visitors, and to prevent damage to campus property. Our innovative risk management and safety solutions include:

  • Inspections and evaluations of facilities and operations
  • Risk management consulting services
  • Employment Practices policies and procedures review
  • Assistance with contractual risk transfer through a review of insurance procurement agreements, indemnity provisions and insurance certificates
  • On-campus training
  • Web-based training
  • Regional seminars
  • Articles on school-based risk management and safety issues
  • Interactive program Web site

Specialized Claims and Litigation Management     Report Claims

Wright Specialty’s claims professionals will address each claim promptly and properly evaluate liability and potential damages. Our claim handlers are thoroughly knowledgeable about the unique and changing exposures faced by schools, colleges and universities. This specialized expertise enables us to offer more thorough investigations, enhanced legal defenses and efficient claim resolutions.

While claims that have merit will be resolved efficiently and in the best interests of our clients, Wright Specialty will challenge cases without merit or liability, rather than simply settling them to avoid litigation costs. Wright Specialty and its Coordinating Counsel, Congdon, Flaherty, O'Callaghan, have significant experience in developing industry-leading litigation management and claims handling processes. For major claims, Wright Specialty’s unique multidisciplined Claims and Litigation Council (including claims department supervisors, underwriting and risk management representatives, and senior trial counsel) will immediately identify potential severity, formulate a defense strategy and put our most experienced staff in control of these cases.

Wright Specialty Employment Liability Hotline for Our Educational Clients

 What is it?

To assist Insureds who purchase Educators’ Legal Liability insurance (which contains Employment Liability coverage), Wright Specialty has developed a cost-free Employment Liability Hotline.  We partnered with a prominent national employment liability law firm, Jackson Lewis, PC to provide answers to every day employment-related issues.

What can I use this service for?  

The Hotline is for general legal overview.  It is not intended to provide a determinative answer as to whether a specific adverse personnel action should be taken.  Before a decision is made as to whether to discharge an employee, deny reinstatement after a leave of absence, take any action after receiving a complaint of harassment, or taking any other employment action, you should consult with experienced employment counsel and examine all aspects of that particular situation.  

The Risk Management Hotline is a very useful tool to obtain information about federal laws and how they might apply to different employment-related situations.   It can also be used as a way of inquiring about appropriate steps to take when investigating complaints or reports of harassment, discrimination or retaliation.  

The Hotline is a good tool to conduct an analysis of the factors to consider when evaluating possible claims relating to denials of promotion, salary increases or requests for training.

Hotline Number
(866) 758-6874
The Hotline is available Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm eastern time

How do I use it?

To verify that callers are insured by Wright Specialty, a caller must provide his or her name, the name of the policyholder and the policy number, as well as the caller’s e-mail address, mailing address and telephone number.  After obtaining this information, a representative of Jackson Lewis, who will be providing this Hotline, will ask the caller succinctly to state the question and to provide a brief description of the facts which relate to the question.  Callers can leave a voice mail message and will receive a response within one business day of the call.  

Wright Specialty developed this program in conjunction with Jackson Lewis LLP, a national law firm with 54 offices and over 740 attorneys across the United States.  For over 55 years, Jackson Lewis has assisted employers to develop preventive programs and to defend workplace law claims.  Jackson Lewis represents employers in all aspects of workplace law, including employment litigation, disability and leave management, reductions in force, affirmative action, benefits, immigration, wage-hour, trade secrets and restrictive covenants, drug testing and labor relations.  The firm maintains a website providing comprehensive information about these and other workplace law topics. 

Can I report claims and lawsuits?

No. The Hotline is a resource for general overview about human resources and employment issues.  Please do not use the Hotline to ask questions about coverage or matters beyond the hotline, such as “Can I fire Sally” or “If I fire Jim, does my policy cover an age discrimination claim?”  It is not to be used to report the filing of administrative charges, arbitration demand letters, and service of lawsuits or other notices of claim.  Providing such information to Hotline attorneys does not obligate them to provide notice on your behalf to Wright Specialty.  It is your responsibility to notify Wright Specialty in accordance with the terms of the employment practices liability insurance policy.  If you have any questions about how to report a claim, you should contact your insurance broker or representative.

Paul J. Siegel, Esq., a partner with Jackson Lewis since 1985, will oversee management of the hotline.  You should contact Mr. Siegel if you have any questions about the hotline or any problems with regard to any concern about how a question you presented has been addressed.  You can reach Mr. Siegel at 631-247-4605 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you have technical problems accessing the Hotline, contact your insurance representative or Robert Bambino at Wright Specialty – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .