Special Event Insurance Program

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Insurance

Wright Specialty offers a Special Event insurance product available to our municipality and education clients for third parties renting from their facilities.  When an operation opens facilities to outside groups, they open themselves up to potential damages and liability from their renters’ activities.

Municipality and education clients should direct facility renters to Wright Specialty’s convenient and affordable event insurance, to gain the peace of mind that comes with reliable insurance.  By requiring renters to purchase insurance protection to cover their activities and having it include additional insured language insures that the municipality or school has the right protection as well.

Just provide prospective facility users with this link: Wright Insurance – Special Events

It’s an easy, quick way for them to secure insurance to satisfy the insured’s rental requirements.

Premiums start as low as $90 for hundreds of event types.  Sports events, camps, social and holiday events, clinics, concerts, fundraisers, craft bazaars, festivals, conferences, and meetings are just a few of the eligible events. If an event is not specifically listed, the renter can simply call (877) 976-2111 to discuss options to secure coverage.