Risk Management

Risk Management Services

The best way to mitigate loss is not to have a loss at all. Identifying, Understanding and Accepting risk is part of the overall strategy to then address risk. Therefore, risk demands your utmost attention to all facets of the educational experience including hiring and firing, in-class teaching, dorm life, travel, athletics, security, fire protection, emergency response, weather, transportation facilities maintenance and use of those facilities.

WSI Risk Management provides our insureds with the resources they need to succeed in whatever risk they face in this ever-changing landscape where educational institutions are striving to teach, house and provide positive life experiences for their students. In order to accomplish these tasks schools are developing new methods of bringing knowledge to their students from online learning to internships. They are trying to keep their students enticed and engaged through new activities and sports. And they are trying to keep staff and students safe and secure. Each one of these items brings various levels of risk and it is our goal to change along with schools to address those risks.