Spring Has Sprung: Spring Fairs, Athletic Events, and Graduations

As the vaccine rollout continues to pick up momentum in most of the country and the weather turns warmer, thoughts of normalcy and the need to break from the restrictions of the past year are increasing. Spring is a kind of rebirth where we emerge from the winter doldrums looking to spread our wings. And we should be very excited to put the virus behind us. Vaccination rates are creeping ever higher to “herd immunity” when the risks should be much more manageable. Studies estimate getting to that point this summer. Until then, vigilance is still required to reduce the chances that your school will need to reverse course and return to remote learning or a hybrid platform. Seesawing infection rates throw the entire school system into disarray negatively impacting staff and students.

State and local governments, as well as athletic associations, are under immense pressure to return to normal and have begun to roll back those efforts that have kept positive infection rates, hospitalizations, and deaths from spiraling out of control for much of the year. The CDC does not have all the answers. No one does, but they do have the professional staff and scientific studies to provide highly effective guidelines to minimize, the virus spread for life in the real world. The link below updates their latest guidelines for gatherings and schools should work towards incorporating these guidelines into their plans for spring events. They should also check back regularly for additional updates as the state of the virus continues to evolve.

CDC Guidance for Organizing Large Events and Gatherings

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