The Value Of Cameras For Preventing Sexual Abuse

A 62-year-old Florida preschool teacher was charged with child abuse.

According to the sheriff, the woman was seen on the security camera video at the Aldersgate Christian Learning Center abusing a two-year-old child. She grabbed the child several times and, in another incident, caused the child to fall to the ground. The preschool fired the teacher, who was charged with one count of felony child abuse.

Dylan Abad “Largo preschool teacher charged with child abuse on student” (Jul. 18, 2022).

Commentary and Checklist

Although the preschool’s use of security cameras did not prevent the abuse, they were helpful in stopping the further abuse of the child and potentially, other children.

Child abuse prevention in organizations that serve students begins with enforced policies, training, and being vigilant.

When a young child, such as in this article, is physically abused, they may be unable to articulate what happened, so it is important that safe adults know possible signs of physical abuse.

What are some signs of physical abuse in very young children?

  • Unexplained bruises, abrasions, burns, broken bones, black eyes, cuts, bite marks, or other injuries
  • Repeated injuries of any type
  • Normal behavioral changes occur, such as the child becoming very quiet and sad, or very angry, or seeming afraid of their parents or other adults

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