Welcome to the Winter of 2018

The National Weather Service temperature map has the majority of the continental U.W. with freezing temperatures, in some cases reaching as far as South Texas and Florida. Heavy Lake Effect snow continues around the Great lakes.

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Wall Street Journal Article Highlights Cyber-Crime Epidemic in Our Schools

A cyber consultant calls it a real nightmare. Our schools are being attacked and don't have the resources to fight back. What can the school do to protect themselves from cyber thieves? According to a Wall Street Journal article posted on ProgramBusiness.com, the facts indicate no matter how much you spend you will never be close to having full protection. The criminals will always find new ways to penetrate your computer network.

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Emergency Management Planning

As a result of the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, the existing emergency service structure in Houston was overwhelmed. Houston city officials indicated that their 911 service received 56,000 calls in a single 15 hour period. The flooding, continuous rain and impassible roads hampered assistance from outside of the affected area.

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Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse that will be seen across much of the USA. Eclipses are relatively rare events that draw significant attention in the academic community.

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Heat Warnings – Summer Programs

Summer heat is one of the leading causes of weather-related fatalities in the United States. Anyone exposed to extreme heat - including people working outdoors - is at risk for heat stress. In an educational setting, this also includes campers, athletes, as well as counselors, coaches and volunteers.

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