Claim Reporting Overview

Emergency Claim Reporting
An Emergency 24-hour phone number is available should the need arise to report an emergency claim outside normal office hours, weekends or holidays. The Hotline should be used to report serious fires, hurricanes, or windstorm losses or incidents involving multiple injuries or deaths which may require immediate on the scene investigations (i.e. catastrophic bus accidents, bleacher collapses, civil unrest, etc.). Calling the service will result in a prompt return telephone call from a WRIGHT SPECIALTY claim professional that will evaluate the situation and assign the necessary experts to assist in the loss. Obviously, we hope there isn’t a great demand for this service. However, if there is a need, our staff will be ready to assist you in any possible way.

Emergency Hotline #: 1-800-749-0948

To report claims during regular business hours:
Facsimile: (516) 222-5392
Phone: (877) 976-2111

Automobile Loss Reporting
Upon notification of an accident involving an insured owned vehicle, the following documentation should be provided along with the AUTO LOSS NOTICE FORM:

  • Police report
  • State-mandated accident report(s)
  • Statement from the insured vehicle operator
  • Repair estimates

All property damage claims involving damage to an insured vehicle only must be reported immediately.  The claim submission should identify the make, license, and VIN number of the vehicle(s) involved.  Any loss involving property damage to the insured vehicle only which will not exceed the policy deductible need not be reported.  Claims involving damages to other properties must be reported.

Most automobile claims involving bodily injury or property damage require the completion of a state report.  This document should be completed by the vehicle operator (as opposed to the transportation supervisor).  The report – and only this report – should be sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The claim submission should then include the report, and the outline referenced above.

Download Auto Claims Reporting Checklist
Download Auto Loss Notice Form

Property Loss Reporting
Property losses can be reported with the PROPERTY LOSS NOTICE FORM. This form was created for the purposes of reporting those claims involving property losses.  The claim submission should include the completed form, and all supporting documentation including repair estimates, and original and replacement invoices.  All vandalism and theft claim submissions should also be accompanied by a police report.  Any property loss requiring a scene inspection should be reported immediately by telephone or via e-mail.

Download Property Claims Reporting Checklist
Download Property Loss Notice Form

Inland Marine Losses
WRIGHT SPECIALTY insureds have an option to purchase Inland Marine coverage for certain types of personal property as an increased source of property protection.  Your Schedule of Coverages identifies those properties covered by under Inland Marine. These specifically scheduled riders (see your schedule of insurance) are written through WRIGHT SPECIALTY, and maintain a lower deductible than the overall property policy.

Each subscriber has been provided with an INLAND MARINE LOSS FORM.  This form was created for the purpose of reporting those losses where coverage exists under the Inland Marine policy.  The submission of all supporting documents with the claim referral will assist in the processing of the loss.

Download Inland Marine Loss Form

Premises/General Liability Loss Reporting
Any incident involving serious bodily injury or property damages should be reported as soon as possible by telephone, facsimile transmission, or e-mail.

Any NOTICE OF CLAIM/NOTICE OF INTENT should be forwarded immediately.  The submission of these documents should include the insured’s knowledge of the incident that gives rise to the acts alleged in the claim document, a copy of any internal incident report, and copies of any contractual and/or insuring agreements involving outside entities connected to the incident giving rise to this claim.  The insured should identify the date and method of service of the document, and upon whom the service was affected.  In those instances where the claim document was served by mail, the claim referral should include the envelope in which the insured received the document. Acknowledgments of all claim submissions are sent to the insured and/or the insured’s agent.

Any SUMMONS and COMPLAINT should be forwarded immediately.  Rarely is a SUMMONS the insured’s first knowledge of a claim.  In those instances where it is, the reporting procedures are identical to those involving receipt of a NOTICE OF CLAIM/NOTICE OF INTENT.  The date, method of service, and the individual upon who the SUMMONS was served should be identified in the insured’s referral of the document.  Acknowledgments of all such claim submissions will be sent to the broker.

Communication channels should be established at each insured assuring that their personnel does not discuss any facet of any claim with anyone other than a representative of WRIGHT SPECIALTY, and the defense counsel and investigators who have been retained to protect their interests.  We anticipate the insured’s cooperation in the handling and defense of these actions.

Educators Legal/Employment Practices Loss Reporting
Your Educators Legal Liability (ELL) policy provides coverage on a claims-made basis.  It is important to timely report all claims, as well as potential claims.  Please submit all NOTICES OF CLAIM/NOTICES OF INTENT and SUMMONS and COMPLAINTS.  Also please report any administrative complaints or filings (for example, EEOC, US Office of Civil Rights), and please notify WRIGHT SPECIALTY if you should receive any written or verbal threats of litigation.  You do not need to report every internal harassment complaint, however, if there is attorney representation or threat of litigation, please notify us.  For all claims reports please provide the name of the employee or student involved (initials are sufficient if there are confidentiality concerns) as well as a copy of the claim documents.  We will contact you if we need more information.

Download Student/Visitor Incident Report
Download Legal Document Transmittal Form