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In-Line Skating / Rollerblading

Currently, more than 17 million people in the U.S. participate in In-Line Skating, (also called rollerblading) In-line skates have been around for centuries, but only became commercially available in 1987. In-Line Skating surged in the 1980’s, but dropped off after 2001 and, recently, has seen resurgence in participation.

The health benefits of in-line skating are on par with both cycling and running. At a steady, comfortable rate a person can burn 285 calories in 30 minutes and much more using an alternating level of hard skating and easy skating. There are aerobic and anaerobic benefits as well. In addition, in-line skating is less harmful to the joints than running. Although in-line skating injuries are not as frequent or severe as basketball, soccer, softball or bicycling, participants sometimes do incur abrasions or “road rashes.” Injuries happen most frequently to intermediate level users, but can happen to anyone at any other skill level.

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